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We've been through the wedding process hundreds of times in a lot of different states and venues with a ton of vendors... and once personally. But we know this is your first time. So let us help you through this milestone journey! Here are a few frequently asked questions but feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

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What makes you different?

We used to say our storytelling, artistic visuals and variety in editorial style. But honestly a lot of videographers can do that now… Well, maybe not the variety of editorial style. Not many can produce both the fast-cut, dynamic drama of the South Asian style AND the whimsical, soft romance of the Western style and everything in between.

It’s really the relationships. We’re not just about giving our couples an excellent video, it’s also about giving them and everyone involved in their wedding an excellent experience with us. It’s why we’ve never had to pay for marketing. We care about our couples and their family/friends and vendors.. and they tell others about that experience.


What’s your filming style?

We are a beautiful blend of artistic and documentary… and collaboration with other vendors. We know the moments that need to be directed and we also know the moments that need to organically flow.


And if your photographer is doing the directing during the creative session, we are happy to piggyback off of their shots… and only direct when needed. It works better this way! You don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen during your wedding.



Who is my videographer?

We have a strong, small team of videographers that have been together for years. The relationship value starts with our team. So even though we did meet Alex on Craigslist, he was family before he was a lead videographer. And we’ve all gone through Stan’s manual and training… and evaluations… and wedding specific set of instructions and shots. He’s always making our team stronger and consistent.


So the different styles that you see in our videos is actually because of our couples and their preferences, not our videographers.


How do you pick the music for our wedding video? 

First and foremost, it starts with music that can be licensed.


Have you ever skimmed your playlist to find a song that perfectly matches your mood? Picking the song/s for the wedding video is kinda like that. You can’t necessarily describe how you are feeling but there is a song that hits exactly the right tune.


We know some videographers want to control this part of the process. But it’s fine with us if you send us a list of licensable music… we’ll even send you the website we use. We do ask for a list because we will need options to match the feeling and mood of your wedding.

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Raw Footage/Audio... yes or no?

Raw footage means all the unedited footage from your wedding coverage... any time the camera starts recording until it stops. The raw/unedited audio is from the mic on the camera and the audio from our recording devices. So there are a lot of files organized into folders based on camera with a number as the file name... sometimes very large, sometimes compressed 4k 60p wrapped codec files. All technical stuff.


But why do couples really want raw footage? It's not for a Friday movie night feel... that's your wedding video and documentary style edits. Raw footage allows a couple to cherish all the in-between moments and to see their family and friends just going about their day. Living like no one is watching. We've had couples come back years after their wedding to ask for the raw footage. Oftentimes, a family member or friend has passed away and they just want to see and hear them again. It really is a keepsake.


Give me the how and when of my videos.

Your videos are digitally delivered with shareable links.

1-Minute Teaser is delivered a week after the wedding.

The wedding video is delivered approximately 4 weeks after the wedding.

The documentary style edits are delivered approximately 6 months after the wedding.

So by 6 months, you have all your deliverables.

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What’s the booking process?

Meet. Accept customized quote. E-sign contract.

Make deposit. You’ve got your wedding videographer!


Has Stan been secretly training his twin daughters to take over CLP from birth?

No comment.

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